Kongu UK
Welcome to UK. Hope these pointers will help you to settle in UK. These are only for your guidance. Please do your own research for accurate information as things may change from time to time.

SIM Card:

Matrix card/lyca/other SIM card can be bought in Indian airport itself. The matrix is giving unlimited UK and international call minutes with 5 GB data for 3000 INR which is very helpful in the initial days until you find a suitable local plan.


House or flat search:


Agencies may sometimes accept only card payment or bank transfer so be prepared. The agencies also ask for references so previous arrangements with friends or relatives advisable. Independent flat/house rent usually requires a minimums six months mandatory contract and if vacated before the contract term the agencies may demand full six months rent.

Shared Accommodation:

House or flat search:


Utility Registration:

Once you have entered the house you need to register for all utility services – council tax, electricity, water, gas, TV and broadband etc. The Landlord or the agent must be able to help you in contacting the utility providers and the council for council tax registration.

Doctor Registration:

You need to register with a GP practice for each person in the family. Without registration, you will not be seen by any doctor. Go on www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/GP/LocationSearch/4 to find the nearest GP practice. You will need to show one address proof to register.

Bank Account:

You can contact SBIUK www.sbiuk.com. It will be easy and they may accept Indian address with local address proof. If it is not salary account, you need to deposit and maintain £500 a mininmum balance in the account. You can try in other banks as well.

NI Registration:

Please refer www.gov.uk/apply-national-insurance-number to register for a national registration number. It may take about one week to get it done.



In London, you need to buy an oyster card initially to travel in train/bus/tram/tube. It will cost you £5 for the card and you may top up with the needed amount to use for your travel. For monthly pass or weekly pass based on your travel, you may check in www.tfl.co.uk site or inquire at the station counter.

Other Cities:

Check with location specific sites or national rail site or check with friends & relatives who is staying in that location.


Minimum £8 in London and will be cheaper outside London. But, public transport is good in London and a taxi is not needed.

Kids :

For School Admissions you must contact the local council. School admission is mainly based on your postcode so proper research about the schools in the area during house search will be helpful. Schools are rated as outstanding or good or needs improvement by Ofsted. Reports about the schools may be found on www.reports.ofsted.gov.uk You can also check on the individual school websites.
Hope the above pointers give you the initial guidance in the early settling in days. For any other help or guidance our Sondhangal will sure be there to help so please do feel free to contact our friends.
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